Picture Dump With a Note From Frimmy

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holla! Enjoying the festive season? Briezy reminded us there are only 361 shopping days until Christmas and that inspired me to check out my blog. I've been busy and the blog has had the same posts in the top five and almost zero traffic for months. Until today! Food additives is our new entry, so welcome all you freaks who wish they never heard of castoreum! Also over 1000 hits today. Nice.

For you, because I miss you, a picture dump. I hate goat cheese, you all know that but today I'm admitting something even worse. I hate kale. I'm not afraid to stand alone if it gives some other poor kale-hater the strength to resist the current peer pressure to disguise it as some sort of healthy chip replacement. A deep fried acid turd is still an acid turd. Perhaps I lack the gene to taste it as others taste it but that's the only concession I'll make.

Check out Crabbie's music blog. He's in the middle of counting down the top 30 albums of 2013. He really does a great job and if he doesn't actually spend a lot of time composing in depth and insightful reviews, he makes it seem like he does.

Tell me how you're doing

She's like a car wreck...I can't look away and yet I'm horrified
Does her caseworker know she's escaped from the group home?

Exactly this


I just...wow

This is why I can't work and can't sleep

This is the half-time show at Canada's version of the Super Bowl. This is how
the cheerleaders dress

For sure it isn't going to be Thomas Edison. Team Tesla!!


iambriezy said...

I love that tattoo. I'm stealing the pic for facebook. That counts as permission, right?

Frimmy said...

Yes. Anyway we are even because I used your shopping day countdown comment.

leavesinspring said...

That Fallout picture is bad ass! Etsy has so many cool homemade things weeeeeeee